Adorn Cosmetics Founder

Adorn Cosmetics was founded in 2009 by Briony Kennedy- a Melbourne based, passionate environmental advocate, former model & beauty industry veteran.

After 20 years as a makeup artist & salon owner, Briony solely launched Adorn Cosmetics to meet the demand for a brand that was both truly natural & environmentally conscious, that also had a high end, luxe feel.

Driven by her dislike for waste, frustration of “natural” brands that actually contained toxic ingredients, and powered by personal heartbreak about overseas child labour and testing of beauty products on animals, Briony’s vision was to develop an ethical brand that celebrated simplicity and sustainability, and empowered women to choose cosmetics that not only made them look good but also feel good.

Adorn Cosmetics was born. A beauty with a conscience cosmetics brand for women devoted to ethical & healthier lifestyles who don’t want to compromise on quality, style or luxury.

Adorn Cosmetics is now trusted & sold worldwide - both online & within select retailers who conscientiously align with the Adorn Cosmetics ethical ethos.

Briony’s revolutionary idea for a cosmetics refill program has been the pioneering change desperately needed to reduce landfill within the beauty industry.

This successful sustainable initiative has resulted in customers saving money by recycling their eco-luxe Adorn pots, whilst also saving the environment.

Unique to the beauty industry, Briony also instigated a sample mini program that saves customers time & money by giving them access to trial the complete Adorn Cosmetics range. Delivered direct to their door, customers can trial products in the comfort of their own home, with no regrets before committing to full size products.

Briony’s heartfelt dedication to integrity has also meant Adorn Cosmetics early on went the distance to back its ethical beauty claims, obtaining certifications from Choose Cruelty Free, The Vegan Society, & Safe Cosmetics Australia.

In alignment with Adorn’s philosophy of confidence and empowerment, Briony is also a proud ambassador for Beyond Blue and PANDA, and supporter of many community groups and charities.

As a professional makeup artist and clean beauty expert, Briony has taught thousands of women in large-scale classes, how to effortlessly apply makeup to enhance their natural beauty.