Adorn Cosmetics was founded in 2009 by Briony Kennedy, a Melbourne based business woman, passionate environmental advocate, former model & beauty industry veteran.

Driven by a passion for minimising plastic, frustrated with "natural" brands disguising toxic ingredients, and the completely unnecessary torture of testing cosmetics on animals, Briony set out on a mission to revolutionise how things were done in the beauty industry.

Briony's vision was to create a 'true beauty' with a conscious brand that has a high end luxe feel, and would collectively help to make the world a more beautiful place.

Believing in the power of the collective, Briony knew Adorn's purpose was always going to be bigger than creating beautiful cosmetics that were better than what was already on the market, rather she also wanted to inspire a movement of ethically conscious people to bring about positive social change.

With a world choking on plastic, reducing the amount of waste was high on her hit list, and pioneering environmentally friendly refill and sample programs became the change the industry desperately needed. Of equally high importance to Briony, was going the distance to get certifications to back Adorn's ethical beauty claims, in an industry saturated with false promises.

As a former beauty salon owner and professional makeup artist, Briony continues her passion for empowering women to look good, do good, and feel good with her 'Better Beauty Tutorials'.

As a mother, Briony suffered debilitating postnatal depression after the birth of her twin boys which fuelled her to become a proud ambassador for Beyond Blue and PANDA, encouraging women to speak up about their mental health.

Above all, Briony advocates kindness- to ourselves, each other, and the planet.

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