Business, Beauty & Babies

with Briony Kennedy

A podcast for women who require a compass in navigating the different areas of their lives.

Burn Baby, Burn: Career Fatigue and the Hype of ‘Productivity’

Our businesses can become our babies. They’re born from love and we nurture them with everything we have. But the truth is, your business can’t love you back. How do we stay passionate about what we do, without becoming overwhelmed, burnt out or unhappy?

Business and Pleasure: Navigating Every Relationship

Relationships. Yep, I’m going there. Professional, personal, romantic or complicated, the bonds we build with people throughout our lives say so much about who we are - sometimes for the worse but mostly for the better. In today’s episode, I’m unpacking the importance of loneliness, how to make valuable connections and the strategies I’ve used in both my personal and professional life to build trusting respectful and meaningful relationships. Take it from me, it did not happen overnight (and it certainly didn’t happen in my twenties), but it did happen, and like all good things, it just took some time.

Cultivating A Healthy Relationship With Money

In this episode, I divulge my relationship with money and the strategies I use to manage my finances. I also share how we as women can grow to stop feeling guilty about this area of our life and how we can reevaluate our spending habits and set foundational goals.

How I Started Adorn Cosmetics

I’m sharing the story of how I started and grew Adorn Cosmetics. From filling up makeup pots on my kitchen floor, dealing with often harsh judgement from other women, and digging myself out of heavy debt, I’m revealing all the tears and triumphs it took to get Adorn to where it is today.

How to be an Effective Leader

How would you console a colleague if they had a tantrum? What excuse would you give your five year old if they asked why next year’s sales projections were late? It’s strange to imagine competing worlds overlapping, but how we react to demands, challenges and responsibilities in both intertwine. In this episode, I reveal how you can step into work and home like a good leader: for your kids, colleagues, and yourself.

How to Build a Personal Brand

We’ve all thought it: I want to make something out of myself. So, we start brainstorming. We ask ourselves, what we could do? We might tell our friends, start a Google drive and make a few contacts but somewhere between the commas and calls, we stagger. Self-doubt, money, and life continue blocking us at every corner until we talk ourselves into stopping. 

How to Parent in the Digital Age

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first, third or last child - parenting is never easy and contrary to what we may be led to believe - technology hasn’t necessarily helped. Navigating parenthood and finding your style of doing things takes time, but teaching your kids boundaries and trust (especially around screen time), can take even longer.

How To Start A Business: Part 2 Business Finance, Money & Legal

As someone who runs a business and a household with three kids, it’s rare I get a chance to myself, let alone a chance to consider the bigger picture. But with some practise (and failures), I have come to understand what tools enable me to stay focused.

How To Start A Business: Part 3 Personal Growth & Mental Health In Business

Behind every thriving business, there’s a founder. I used to believe that unless I was doing things perfectly, my story should remain behind closed doors. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Embracing imperfection and bringing my personal growth story to the centre of Adorn has been essential - both for my business, and my personal growth.