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with Briony Kennedy

A podcast for women who require a compass in navigating the different areas of their lives.

The Reality of Being a Mumma

For all the mums out there who struggle to get through the day or feel torn between their duties as a mum and their desire for something more, this episode is for you.

The Road to Self-Love

‘Self-love’ is a term thrown around a lot. We’re used to being told it looks like a bath, some wine and a face mask but self-love is a far cry from the material possessions that we’re encouraged to reach for. It’s not something that sits on a shelf, in a cart or across the counter. In fact, it cannot be touched, only felt. Throughout my life, negative self-talk, and ingrained insecurities distracted me from the hard, but necessary lesson of self-acceptance.

Who is Briony Kennedy

In this very first episode, I'm going back to the start of my ten-year journey and sharing the experiences and lessons that got me to where I am today.