Cultivating a Healthy Relationship With Money

Cultivating a Healthy Relationship With Money

Yes, this decision to stick to a cruelty-free and minimal waste ethos definitely led to a slower style of business and often painful journey.
But, it’s also led me to build a company that has always stuck to the same core value: we can have luxury products and lifestyles without the guilt of harming the planet. It’s led to a brand that creates multi-purpose products while empowers consumers to make environmentally conscious choices. At Adorn, we think that's pretty cool.

In this episode, I reveal how the beauty industry contributes monumentally to waste and how we as consumers can be more environmentally conscious. I also share how we can stick to our values despite the naysayers and how I educate my children about their environmental impact.

In this world of over 7 billion people, it’s often easy to forget how much impact we have on the people around us and on the world itself. But, every decision counts, and as a collective, we all have the ability to effect change. Whether you’re a mum, a business owner, or someone who calls this planet home, my hope is that you’ll know just how powerful you are.


Where my passion for the environment originated from [01:17]
How I strived to make Adorn Cosmetics as ethical as possible [05:15]
Adorn Cosmetics’ various accreditations [26:48]
How I teach my children to be environmentally conscious [32:09]
How we can all insert sustainable choices into our lifestyle [39:29]

1 year ago