Moving through motherhood: From Me to Mum

Moving through motherhood: From Me to Mum

When I had my babies, the first few weeks were almost a little misleading. These new, perfect creations were hardly any trouble at all. It felt like bliss. But in reality, they were adjusting from moving from the womb to the world. And once they woke up, boy did they wake up! And the real mothering had to begin.

For all of the attendant joy that is undeniable in motherhood, we simply don’t talk enough about the challenges. Without the Instagram hashtags, filters or mum-splaining. We need real chat about the highs and lows.

In this episode, I get real about the unrealistic expectations we set for ourselves, and that too often the world sets for us. I talk about mourning our former lives and importantly about the journey of getting through postnatal depression. Ultimately, finding our way back to ourselves is a long journey.

Self-doubt and comparison, especially in the context of social media and the increasingly performative nature of motherhood in a digital world is something we can choose to turn off from. It’s not always easy to do, but if we know who we truly are and we find a way to be gentle with ourselves, there is a way to find that perfectly imperfect balance. And it’s all worth it.



  • Getting caught up with trying to do everything right at the expense of enjoying your new baby [3.13]
  • Letting go of your former life [8.30]
  • The importance of transparency with your kids [25.17]
  • Avoiding social media and comparison [17.49]



1 year ago