How to Parent in the Digital Age

How to Parent in the Digital Age

Parenting children with technology isn’t easy but overtime I’ve learnt to ‘parent through the pain,’ to take the fumbles, fights and consequences as short term sacrifices for well adjusted little humans in the long run.

In this episode, I get real about how I’ve changed as a parent over time and how my children’s varying personalities challenged me in how I discipline and listen to them. Along the way, I share the strategies and boundaries that worked for me while building trusting relationships in the process.

Parenting may feel different to everyone but we all encounter the troughs and peaks of it. I hope this episode encourages you to take your time, try new things, be open with your kids and be gentle with yourself. Remember, learning takes a lifetime.


The ways I parent now compared to when I was younger [1:50]
Teaching my kids boundaries [5:00]
How I set boundaries around technology [18:40]
My key tips for building trust with your kids [32:58]

1 year ago