Briony's Seasonal Foundation Guide

Briony's Seasonal Foundation Guide



One foundation shade may not suit you all year.

As your skin lightens or darkens no matter how slight, we recommend having at least 2 foundation shades to accommodate these changes. That way you have a shade for cooler and one for the warmer months. You could even mix the shades when your skin colour is somewhere in between.

Samples size foundations are a great way to discover the shade variances that suit you, and they are also a great option to mix in with your current pot to either lighten or darken the shade.  

Using a foundation shade that is too light looks very aging as it draws attention to dry skin, large pores, and wrinkles. Another option to ‘warm’ up your foundation shade is by adding a bronzer or contour product to your look, applying it to your forehead, cheeks and even chest and decolletage.



Air conditioners, heating & hot showers can damage the skin.

Exposure to constant heating, hot water or air conditioning draws out and depletes important moisture from your skin. Using a facial mist throughout the day retains hydration in the skin and may help prevent skin conditions caused by dry/dehydrated skin. Even oily skin can be dehydrated.

Using a hydrating facial mist like our Hydrating Pure Rosewater Mist should be a handbag essential for anyone looking to keep their skin at its best.



Moisturisers alone are not enough.

Skin lipids provide a barrier against water loss and provide a barrier against microorganism bacterial invasion. Anything that strips the skin of its natural oils can weaken and damage your lipid barrier. Heating, cooling, over-exfoliating and harsh skincare products can all potentially can cause this.

Using lipid loving skincare like our popular facial oils is one effective way that you can protect your skin’s lipid barrier. Even oily skins can benefit from using a non-comedogenic facial oil and in fact, help kill surface bacteria and blemishes.  

Apply facial oils after your moisturiser and then apply your favourite foundation. A facial oil applied under our loose mineral foundation gives a beautiful dewy finish that even those with drier skins will love.



Need Assistance? 

Our Better Beauty Experts provide a personalised customer experience and will help you find suitable skincare products and colour matching guidance across the Adorn range.


hey Adorner's as the seasons change so will the shade of your skin even if it's just ever so slightly you want to make sure that you're still wearing a foundation that correctly color matches your skin if you're wearing a foundation that's too light it can be quite aging and it can draw attention to large pores fine lines dry skin and it can really make the skin look quite cakey now if you go for a color that's too dark it could also of course make the skin look muddy or even a dirty color so you really want to make sure that the color that you're wearing is right now if you've got a product that you're wearing at the moment whether it's our liquid loose or cream or even the compact and you feel like you're a little bit lighter now maybe what you want to do is grab a couple of our samples jump on the color matching service again online so log in pop a photo on in really good lighting make sure the lights in front of you not behind you if the lights behind you it will make you look washed out and it's really hard for us to determine your color make sure we can see your chest and then we'll give you some ideas around what samples that you may like to try if you're an existing customer and of course you've already been using the products let us know that you're just wanting a color match for the season change so that we select a couple of the shades for you grab a couple of samples and then what i suggest you do is grab a little bit out of your current foundation and mix it with a little bit of the sample if you've got the loose products so a little bit of the loose in your current pot and then a little bit out of your sample and just mix the two together and see if that's a really nice blend the other option you might have is put the color on that you're comfortable with even if it's a little bit dark for you at the moment then get a sample of something that's a little bit lighter and go over the top of it lightly does that help tone it down and give you a slightly lighter finish if so then maybe blending a little bit of your sample into your existing pot may change the color just enough to tone your color down you still need to make sure that you're selecting the right color so a yellow or a pink base or more of a neutral so make sure you get the right shade but you're just trying to bring the color down or you might go for a totally different shade altogether save your current pot for the warmer months of course it's not going to go off especially if it's a loose mineral and then use your newer lighter shade for the lighter months most times i find people are definitely two foundation colors during the year you might find that you use a combination of the two of them in the middle of the year and the liquids for example you just need to put a pump of each if you're somewhere in between so you might just want to use the darker one in the darker obviously in the warmer months the lighter one in the cooler months and then you might do a pump of each when you're somewhere in between so there's some little ideas that you might like to try the other one that you could also try is using one of the compacts so stick with the color that you're using at the moment and maybe select a compact foundation that's a little bit lighter than what you're wearing and then all you need to do is just lightly dust that over the top of your foundation application and it will just tone the color down a little bit the same goes if you're trying to warm up your foundation if you're a little bit darker you've been on holidays or maybe you're just in a different season then you can of course warm your foundation with a darker foundation color just around the peaks of the the cheeks the top of your forehead area you could use a bronzer you could use one of our contour products so stick with your foundation but you could warm it up with those areas and of course you can grab samples of not just the loose but the cream and the liquids also so there you go grab yourself some samples have a play with some new shades don't stick with the same foundation color all year it really can be quite aging on the skin use the color matching surface there are real people there to assist you with what colors would best suit you and please make sure it's clear lighting and we can see your chest

2 months ago