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Do our Mica Minerals Come from a Supply Chain that Involves Child labour?

Mica minerals are used to naturally add colour and reflective properties to cosmetics. The only alternative for Mica minerals are synthetic colours such as fd&c, which are known skin irritants. The natural beauty industry either uses Mica minerals for colour or we do not have natural cosmetics at all.

As an ethical beauty brand who has always gone the distance to secure certifications, we have thoroughly investigated and can conclude there is no certification available to prove that the supply chain of Mica does not involve child labour. 

This makes it impossible for any company to truthfully claim that they are only sourcing Mica from Australia to prevent child labour in overseas countries, as there is no way that it can be proved that the Mica did not originate from overseas.

Boycotting Mica is not the answer either. Aiden McQuaide, director of the NGO Anti-Slavery International, does not recommend boycotting Mica as the best approach as “the livelihoods of many poor people can be threatened”.

We can’t solve large-scale, complex human rights issues overnight. Real solutions such as schooling initiatives and governmental change takes time. But what we can do in the meantime is make better choices. Make the best, most ethical choice possible from the options we have in front of us.

Adorn Cosmetics only sources from the most reputable suppliers who are committed to the sustainable sourcing of Mica. We choose to partner with them as we trust they are doing their absolute best to ethically mine Mica and prevent child labour in the current climate.

Adorn Cosmetics has also offered to support The Mica Initiative which is combining the power of multiple organisations to establish a responsible mica supply chain and eliminiating unfair working conditions and child labour by 2022. 

You can trust that Adorn will stay at the forefront of ethical and environmental initiatives, and continue to do better to help make the world a more beautiful place. 

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