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Sustainable Beauty: Adorn's Eco Friendly Refills

We live in a world where many people are becoming more conscious of their environmental footprint. Here's 3 ways Adorn Cosmetics helps to create sustainable beauty with our eco friendly refill program.

1. Reducing the Impact the Cosmetics Industry Has on Landfill

Despite your best efforts, the tubs and containers sitting on your shelves are destined for landfills, contributing to a growing problem with serious environmental consequences.

In fact, a staggering 70% of cosmetics that end up in landfills aren’t even fully used, often because the wrong product was ordered.

We help to prevent this growing problem by offering sample sizes which give our customers a chance to try our products before buying full size.

2. An Answer To The Impact Packaging Has on The Environment

A report released by Organic Monitor 6 years ago reported that “Although companies are aware of the environmental impact of packaging, they have been slow to embrace sustainable packaging solutions.”

The positive is that there are some cosmetics brands that have switched to recyclable packaging and use more sustainable materials, however we believe that’s not enough which is why we are proud to have pioneered the concept of eco-refills.

We also do not use outer boxes, and replace tradition packing materials like foam peanuts with biodegradable protective paper.

3. Saving You Money By Saving The Planet

Not only do our eco-refills allow us to have a positive impact on cosmetic landfill waste and packaging, this initiative also allows our customers to save money. 

While we can only hope that more companies follow suit, for now we will continue to empower our customers to help us contribute positively to the cosmetic industry's impact on the environment.