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The Difference Between Organic and Mineral Makeup

Organic Makeup

Organic makeup is derived from plant sources and manufactured organically without the use of any harmful chemicals.

Plants that are grown to produce organic makeup are grown without the use of pesticides allowing them to maintain their rich concentration of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins, which in turn offers an array of benefits for the skin.

Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup, however, is not derived from plant sources, but rather from natural minerals. Minerals are micronised and pulverised into a fine powder that can then be applied to the skin.

These minerals are completely natural and come from the earth. There are many commercial mineral makeup brands that are unfortunately filled with other non natural ingredients that may pose a risk to your health.

Authentic mineral makeup is free from all preservatives, fillers, dyes and chemicals and are also 100% cruelty free.

Are Adorn Cosmetics Products Organic or Mineral?

The answer is both.

Our skin care is made from natural and organic ingredients.

On the other hand our cosmetics that are predominantly made from loose minerals cannot be considered organic since loose minerals are ‘inorganic’ which means ‘inert’ or in other words, contains no living organisms and therefore can't be considered organic by definition.

Mineral ingredients are however considered just as natural as organic ingredients as they are naturally occurring.

Products in the Adorn Cosmetics range are either 100% mineral if they are loose minerals, or for cream and liquid products the main ingredient composition is mineral with some certified organic plant ingredients added.

However, our Liquid Eye Liner, Style Icon Lip Sticks and Lip Glosses contain more organic ingredients than minerals and are in fact over 70% organic.

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