Brights Shadow - Lime

Brights Shadow - Lime

Multi-Tasking Eye Shadow or Eye Liner
Use Wet or Dry
Highly Pigmented 100% Pure Minerals
Long Wearing
Suitable for Sensitive Eyes
Zero Waste Refills

Adorn's finely milled, mineral eye shadows are free from talc and fillers often used in traditional eye shadow products making them perfect for sensitive skin.

The healing and anti-inflammatory benefits of using a mineral rich formula made with (non-nano) titanium dioxide and zinc oxide will help soothe and protect the delicate skin.

Our long wearing bright mineral eye shadows are made of pure pigments so the colour intensity will be stronger, and much less is needed for a beautiful result.

Apply this collection wet with our angle brush for eye popping, gorgeous eye liner.

Net WT. 0.5gms
How do I stop my eye makeup from disappearing?

If you struggle with eye makeup staying put, here are Briony's top tips on keeping your eye shadow and eyeliner in place:

Is this product suitable for sensitive eyes?

Yes. It is certified both Allergen and Toxin Free.