Longer Lash
Eyelash Curler

Longer Lash
Eyelash Curler


Instant Lash Lift 

Want longer looking lashes but want to avoid expensive, time-consuming lash extensions or the chemicals from lash lifts?
Adorn's Eyelash Curler is designed to naturally curl and lift your lashes and add an eye-opening effect to the eyes.
Padded handles provide the perfect amount of pressure and control.

How to use before applying mascara, follow these steps:

1. Start with clean, dry lashes: Make sure your lashes are free of any makeup or oils by thoroughly cleansing your face.
2. Prep your lash curler: Open the lash curler and ensure that the rubber pad is securely in place. If it's worn out or damaged, replace it with a new one for better results.
3. Warm up the curler (optional): To enhance the curling effect, you can use a blow dryer to warm up the curler slightly. Be careful not to make it too hot to avoid burning your eyelids.
4. Position the curler: Place the curler as close to the base of your upper lashes as possible without pinching your skin. Make sure the lashes are in between the upper and lower sections of the curler.
5. Gently squeeze the curler: Apply gentle pressure and hold the curler closed for about 5-10 seconds. Avoid squeezing too hard as it can damage your lashes or cause discomfort.
6. Move the curler upward: Gradually move the curler upward along the length of your lashes, stopping at three points: near the base, middle, and tip. Give a gentle squeeze at each point to create a gradual curl.
7. Repeat on the other eye: Release the curler from the first eye and repeat the process on the other eye, ensuring you position it correctly and apply gentle pressure.
8. Apply mascara: Once you've curled both sets of lashes, proceed with applying mascara. Start at the base of your lashes and wiggle the mascara wand back and forth as you move it towards  the tips. This helps to separate and coat each lash evenly.


How to use after applying mascara:

Follow steps above and then...

1. Ensure your mascara has dried: Allow the mascara to dry completely before using the curler to avoid smudging or clumping.
2. Re-curl your lashes: Gently position the curler at the base of your lashes, just as you did before applying mascara. Apply slight pressure and hold for a few seconds. 

Mascara can act as a lash holding gel, helping to maintain the shape and curl created by the lash curler. By curling your lashes after mascara, you can potentially amplify the lengthening and curling effect, giving your lashes an extra boost.

Remember, everyone's lashes are different, so it's essential to be gentle and experiment with the right amount of pressure and technique that works best for you.

Do I apply mascara before or after curling my lashes?