Hydration+ Skin Primer Moisturiser Sample

Hydration+ Skin Primer Moisturiser Sample

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A 2-in-1 moisturiser & primer for plump flawless skin

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Gently apply to a clean face, for hydration and longer lasting foundation. Can be applied to the neck area.

Refill and reuse your Adorn jar. With clean hands simply unscrew the silver lid and then push the plastic 'inner' down to the bottom of the jar.nbsp; For best hygiene practice it is highly recommended that the inside of the jar is sterilised with Adorn'snbsp;Hand & Surface Sanitiser. Spray with sanitiser and wipe out with a clean cloth or tissue. Fill your jar with your refill, replacing the lid when finished.

*Please note the importance of good hygiene practice when reusing packaging. It is the responsibility of each Adorn customer to ensure packaging is clean and sterilised before reuse and its important to note that since Adorn cannot be assured of the condition packaging is in prior to reuse, or how it was cleaned, Adorn takes no responsibility for product that may 'spoil' in any way once dispensed.

**Not dishwasher safe.nbsp;

***Store below 30 degrees and keep out of direct sunlight.

Approx. 1ml