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Briony Kennedy

A podcast for women who require a compass in
navigating the different areas of their lives. 

Episode 001

Who is Briony Kennedy

In this very first episode, I'm going back to the start of my ten-year journey and sharing the experiences and lessons that got me to where I am today. Tune in to hear about my ventures into the beauty world and how I've come to let go of the expectations I placed on myself as a business owner and a mum.

Episode 002

Navigating Fear & Comparison in the World of Beauty and Business

The rise of social media means that we now have more opportunities than ever to pursue our passions and make a living. But as I reveal in today’s episode, the glossy facade you see online can often be too good to be true.

Episode 003

How I Started Adorn Cosmetics

This week, I’m sharing the story of how I started and grew Adorn Cosmetics. From filling up makeup pots on my kitchen floor, dealing with often harsh judgement from other women, and digging myself out of heavy debt, I’m revealing all the tears and triumphs it took to get Adorn to where it is today.

Episode 004

The Reality of Being a Mumma

For all the mums out there who struggle to get through the day or feel torn between their duties as a mum and their desire for something more, this episode is for you.

Episode 005

How We Can Practice Self-Care

For so many of us, the idea of self-care has become synonymous with massages, red wine and retail therapy. It causes us to feel wracked with guilt and consumed with anxiety over spending time away from our family, or dabbling in our vices. But, for me, the notion of self-care has become a necessity for my survival.

Episode 006

Luxury Without the Guilt

In this episode, I reveal how the beauty industry contributes to waste and how we as consumers can be more environmentally conscious. I also share how we can stick to our values despite the naysayers and how I educate my children about their environmental impact.

Episode 007

Cultivating A Healthy Relationship With Money

In this episode, I divulge my relationship with money and the strategies I use to manage my finances. I also share how we as women can grow to stop feeling guilty about this area of our life and how we can reevaluate our spending habits and set foundational goals.

Episode 008

The Myth of Doing it All

If you’re feeling the pressure to do a bit of everything – all at once, you’re not alone. When it comes to juggling motherhood and a career, plus your own wellbeing, it’s normal to feel like your best is never enough. But, it simply doesn’t have to be this way.

Episode 009

An Imperfectly Perfect Community

Briony shares how she found a thriving community of like-minded women through a Facebook group, how all of us can embrace vulnerability to seek companionship, and her advice on overcoming feelings of isolation in a world that won’t stop moving.