Episode 001

Who is Briony Kennedy

Welcome to the very first ever episode of Beauty, Business, and Babies, with me, Briony Kennedy.
If you were to google my name or do a quick stalk on social media, here are the things you'd learn:

  • I'm the founder of Adorn Cosmetics
  • I'm a mumma of three beautiful children
  • I care deeply about the environment and creating ethically conscious beauty products

But, behind the fancy titles and glossy facade lies a whole other story.
Over the last decade, I've struggled to know where I fit in and what I'm supposed to do with my life.
I've juggled various jobs as a personal trainer, sales assistant, and makeup artist, and felt like something was wrong with me because I never ever wanted to stay in the one same role. I've always felt like I'm colouring outside the lines, so to speak.
I've been diagnosed with a debilitating illness and battled with postpartum depression because I felt I was failing as a mumma.
I started Adorn Cosmetics despite facing heavy debt, mum-guilt, and strong opposition from an industry that didn't want to change.
Your experience may look incredibly different to mine, but if you're here today, then I know that you too may feel that life has pulled you in all sorts of exhausting directions.
You may feel torn between your duty to your family and a deeper desire to pursue your passion.
You may wrestle between caring for your appearance but knowing some beauty products harm the environment.
You may feel conflicted between your current situation and the picture-perfect lives of other people on Instagram.

My hope is that you'll grow to know it's ok to have imperfect days, that no one has it all together, and that you'll be inspired to commit to small, but bold actions each and every day.
In this first episode, I'm joined by our producer Michelle Akhidenor from The Peers Project, and together we're winding back the clock and the eye bags to the very beginning of my story.
We'll dive deep into how I found my entrepreneurial roots, my first venture into the beauty world, how I bucked up the courage to keep going when times felt tough, and how I've come to let go of the expectations I once had.


  • Discovering my entrepreneurial roots [01:13]
  • My very first business [03:20]
  • Why we shouldn't feel pressured to be an entrepreneur [09:24]
  • Starting a Beauty Salon [18:05]
  • How I found my courage [23:21]
  • The 'regrets' I've had [29:43]
  • Letting go of our expectations [33:22]