Episode 003

How I Started Adorn Cosmetics

As more and more women are starting to feel the desire to create something of their own, I get asked lots of questions about how I started Adorn Cosmetics.

How did you start creating your own makeup products?
How did you balance starting a business and being a mum?
How did you grow Adorn Cosmetics into what it is today?

Quite honestly, I never envisioned that Adorn Cosmetics would become what it is today. I never set out to take over the world or to become a household name. It was purely an organic evolution based on my personal wants as a consumer.

When my twin boys were nine-months-old, I desperately needed a creative outlet that would allow me to take some time out for myself. So, I started teaching makeup classes to women who wanted to learn how to apply makeup and have fun at the same time.

After a while, I realised that if I could help women feel better about their appearance through makeup and skincare, then surely I could create a product that I truly resonated with. A product that was easy-to-use, completely natural, and also had minimal impact on the environment.

I wish I could say that dreaming up a really great product or service is enough to thrive in business. But for me, that was only the first step in a ten-year journey.

In this episode, I’m revealing the full Adorn Cosmetics’ journey. From filling up makeup pots on my kitchen floor, dealing with harsh judgement from other women, and digging myself out of heavy debt, I’m sharing all the tears and triumphs it took to get Adorn to where it is today.


  • The decision to start Adorn Cosmetics [01:53]
  • The first steps I took to get it off the ground [6:56]
  • Dealing with judgement from other women [14:03]
  • My decision to sell sample makeup [28:11]
  • How we can overcome the naysayers [37:24]
  • Overcoming our problems with debt [44:13]