Episode 005

How We Can Practice Self-Care

Lately, the idea of ‘self-care’ has become synonymous with massages, retail therapy, and spa sessions. While I love a good massage, I know that so many women are wracked with guilt over spending time and money on themselves.

When my twins were first born, I found myself in a really dark place. I felt pressured to be everything to everyone else: a dutiful wife, a loving mother, and an owner of a sparkling clean house. Any time I tried to do something on my own or for myself, I became consumed with guilt and anxiety. I couldn’t even have lunch with my husband without panicking about not being with my kids.

The tipping point came when I realised this anxiety was actually stopping me from being the best mum and wife I could be. I wasn’t present or enjoying my family’s company. Instead, I was teetering on the edge of giving up completely.

Over the years, my definition of self-care has evolved and I’ve learnt how to take time out for myself. I love a relaxing Pilates and massage session, but I also know that self-care can be as simple as having a coffee with a girlfriend, going for a walk around the block, and even learning how to say no to things that are simply beyond my capacity at the time.

Now, I can acknowledge that self-care is a necessity for my survival and a non-negotiable for becoming a better wife, mother, and friend. Because, I truly believe that if I’m not spending time doing what makes me happy, then I’m not showing up as my best self for the people I love.

My hope is that we’ll all learn to stop beating ourselves up for our desires and instead be more patient, loving and kinder to ourselves.

In this episode, I dive deep into how my perspective on self-care has evolved over the years and why it’s so important for us to do what makes us happy. Along the way, I share how I grew the confidence to say no and how achieving self-care is simpler than we think.


  • How I define self-care [01:16]
  • Why self-care has become so important to me [06:14]
  • How we can achieve the self-care regimen we desire [16:35]
  • How we can get better at saying ‘no’ [21:13]