Episode 007

Cultivating A Healthy Relationship With Money

Money can evoke different emotions in many people, but especially women.

For some of us, it’s an incredibly private topic that is only discussed behind closed doors. For others, money is an area that triggers feelings of guilt and scarcity.

Growing up, I never had the best relationship with money. Because my family was never forthcoming with our finances, I believed money was hard to come by. It was only to be used when it was a necessity, and it always meant sacrificing something else.

Since becoming a business owner and a mumma of three, my relationship with money has definitely evolved and shifted.

I’ve had to re-evaluate my lifestyle to determine what is a need versus a want; defining what is a necessity and what is a luxury.

I’ve had to teach my children about the concept of opportunity cost, or what it means to prioritise something and miss out on something else.

I’ve had to figure out how to properly manage my finances in order to pay back debts and grow a thriving business and ensure ROI.

Yes, our finances can definitely be hard to talk about. But, it can also lead to incredibly fruitful conversations. Opening up about money can be incredibly empowering. Demystifying the fear around our finances can be inspiring.

In this episode, I share my complex relationship with money and how I manage my finances as both a mum and a business owner. Along the way, I dive deeper into the motivations that fuel our spending (or saving) habits and how we can better educate our children about money.

Although my relationship with money isn’t perfect, I hope that my story will encourage you to see that money isn’t a taboo topic and to have more open conversations about your finances.


  • How I perceived money as a child [01:50]
  • How I moved away from a scarcity mindset [09:45]
  • How I prepared financially for raising a family [15:20]
  • My advice to women who feel guilty about money [31:15]
  • How we can be smart with money during times of crisis [38:00]