Episode 008

The Myth of Doing it All

I used to have this perception that I was fully in control of my life.

Then I had kids.

After becoming a first-time mum, I struggled to cope emotionally with the expectations I had placed on myself. I constantly felt guilty about going to work. I felt sick about every decision I made. I agonised over what other people were doing, particularly if they were able to embrace a type of freedom I didn’t have. I never felt good enough.

My life was, in a word: chaos.

I know that so many women out there feel the same way. Thanks to social media, there is this enormous pressure to be everything all at once: a good homemaker, a career woman, a nurturing parent. And a kind friend to oneself.

Now, I want to bust that myth once and for all.

In this episode, I share my experience with trying to ‘do it all’ and the emotional impact it left on my life. Along the way, I reveal how we can let go of perfection and move forward without letting our past get in the way.


  • How I juggled the different areas of my life [01:46]
  • My tips on being more present in the moment [06:42]
  • My transition to becoming a first-time mum[15:53]
  • How we can let go of challenges in our past [27:23]