Episode 010

My Guide to Ethical Skincare

When I was younger, I thought having clean skin meant covering mine up with thick layers of makeup.

I didn't really understand what I was putting on my face and why. I was forever buying cheap products that promised miracles, only to cause even more damage to my skin.

I set out to create what I didn’t have: ethical skincare with effective results, and I did. Since starting Adorn Cosmetics, I’ve learnt so much about what it means to create clean products that don’t just look good but work well.

Like anything, it took time. Endless hours of research, trials and mistakes showed me what worked and what didn’t until I finally understood how to make the work I was putting in, work for me. I learnt how to structure a skincare routine that was balanced, nourishing and ultimately healed what was damaged.

Now I want to share it with you.

In this episode, I break down my exact skincare routine and the products I swear by to achieve healthy skin. Along the way, I reveal my best tips on how we should treat our skin and the ins and outs of ethical skincare products so you can break the cycle of unhealthy skin and break up with bad products.


  • My first experience with skincare [01:46]
  • My exact skincare routine [08:55]
  • The ins and outs of ethical skincare [21:38]
  • How we can let go of challenges in our past [27:23]

Products Mentioned: