Episode 012

How to be an Effective Leader

We’ve all had that one boss who we just couldn't get onboard with. The one who makes us stop and ask ourselves: what do I want in a leader?

When I founded Adorn Cosmetics alongside raising a family, I often felt pulled in opposite directions while trying to find my voice in each arena. Often I would go from discipling my kids to training my staff - and there’s no manual for either, (not even on Amazon).

Now more than ever, good leadership is hard to come by but it’s not impossible to find nor is it impossible to adopt in your own life. Being open and understanding is all it takes to make someone else feel supported, cared for and understood.

While I don’t have all the answers, there is one school of thought I subscribe to: Lead by example. I am a big believer in people learning from and with me.

In this episode, I break down how conscious communication helped me to build a warm workplace and a respected homelife. Along the way, I share the challenges, mistakes and the lessons I’ve picked up that have helped me to lead efficiently.

Like tying shoes, we don’t always lead right but with practice and communication, we can try again until we get there (without the tears).


  • What makes a good leader [1:28]
  • What my first business taught me [5:13]
  • How to make the tough decisions [20:59]
  • How my husband and I lead at home. [29:20]