Episode 014

The Road to Self-Love

Self-love isn’t at Sephora, or Amazon or even Netflix. It’s not a bath on a Wednesday night or a sleepin on Sunday morning. Self-love is a complicated, nuanced and delicate feeling that sits within each of us but more than that, is a choice we must make with ourselves each and every day; accept who you are, rather than mourn what you’re not.

As an entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time in a lot of rooms with people who are ‘somebody’s.’ People who have started a business or invented a product or raised a lot of capital. In those moments, it’s easy, in fact it’s routine, for comparison, insecurity and negativity to seep in. For me to have a moment where I think: who am I if I am not this? For every moment of doubt, there have been hours, days and years of pain in return. Days where I starved myself to look thin. Days where I worried about what I would be when I grew up. Years asking if love would come, but I never heard anything until I started using my voice to challenge the one inside my head.

It started small, a few positive affirmations, it grew into hard lessons and short goodbyes. Before long, I realised that I was always someone that mattered even if I wasn’t a ‘somebody’ the world recognised.

For far too long, we have told ourselves the same script: buy that car, get that title, lose that weight, be like her. It’s exhausting and cruel and it doesn’t lead to happiness but it also doesn’t mark the end.

In this episode, I get candid about my journey to self-love, the importance of vulnerability and the ways acceptance and commitment led me to believe in myself. We dissect strategies to combat negative dialogues, past heartache and the power of energy. I hope you walk away believing that you are enough not because you are capable of change but because by simply being yourself, you’ve already changed something.


  • How I define self-love [1:11 - 1:30]
  • Lessons in taking control of who you truly are [11:04 - 11:52]
  • Why we need to share our sh*t [27:00 - 27:44]
  • Strategies I use to combat self-doubt [30:03 - 30:33]