Episode 015

Business and Pleasure: Navigating Every Relationship

I used to go to bars by myself. Sometimes the movies and once to America. There was nobody beside me to laugh with, drink with or roll my eyes at. Being alone for some of us seems daunting but in my experience, it's the necessary ingredient to finding the right people. Putting myself out there and trying new things was never not daunting, but by exposing myself to a variety of situations, I met an incredible spectrum of people.

Some came into my life for a moment, others for a painful lesson and one so happened to fall in love with me, so I married him. Whatever way you slice it, relationships make up the fabric of our daily lives so why spend all of it with those who don’t love you as you are and respect you for what you’re not?

Between my family and running a business, there’s rarely a moment where I’m not alone. I am always surrounded by the opinions, personalities and lifestyles of others. Each one has helped shape me into the person I am by simply being themselves but it’s a foundation that hasn’t come naturally. Like anything, we must learn to be good to others by being good to ourselves by taking the time to consider what really matters to us.

In this episode, we dissect what really matters in relationships and how I came to find my personal values. I get frank about the lonely nights and painful friendships that paved the way to the genuine and respectful ones I hold dearly today. But don’t worry, it’s not all tears and tissues - I explore how you can nurture strong relationships in the office at home or the dating scene before providing strategies on how to manage these bonds when the tides turn or your own personal demons begin to take over. So, go grab a wine, switch off and tune in.


  • My Advice for those struggling to find your people [8:40 - 9:10]
  • Why we need get comfortable with the uncomfortable [10:37 - 11:52]
  • How to foster respectful relationships [25:31 - 25:51]
  • Strategies I’ve used to manage conflict [37:16 - 37: 32]