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Self Care Set
Self Care Set

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    A5 Lifestyle + Wellness Undated Journal

    Write down and prioritise your weekly goals, and to-do list, and then assign tasks to each day for maximum efficiency. No guilt if you miss a week. Cultivate healthy life habits each day and use the checkbox as a visual reminder.

    Achieving balance in your life has never been so effortless. This beautifully designed wellness journal is your sanctuary for mindfulness and self-care. It's the ultimate tool for finding harmony amidst the chaos of everyday life.


    Adorn 15 Year Anniversary Tea Mug Gift Set

    Fifteen years of cherished memories deserve a celebration, and we've crafted the perfect way to mark this significant milestone. Our Anniversary Tea Mug Set is a tribute to our journey, a reminder of all the moments that have shaped our story.

    This exquisite tea mug set includes:

    Gold-Plated Handle: The touch of elegance you deserve. Our tea mug features a gold-plated handle that adds a touch of sophistication to every sip.

    Beautiful Gift Box: Our set comes nestled in a beautiful gift box, making it a thoughtful keepsake.

    Gold Spoon: Stir your tea or coffee with a gold spoon that complements the mug's handle, adding a touch of luxury.

    Lid for Warmth: Keep your drinks hot and your moments warm with the included lid, ensuring each sip is as delightful as the last.

    So, raise your mug.. Here's to 15 years of kindness, and to many more beautiful moments ahead.


    Australian Pink Clay Mask All Skin Types

    Experience the Beauty of Pink Clay: Unveil Radiant Skin

    Indulge in the transformative skincare benefits of a Pink Clay Mask. This natural wonder gently detoxifies and purifies your skin, revealing a smoother, more radiant complexion. Ideal for balancing oily or combination skin, it controls excess oil production while nourishing and soothing.

    Pink clay's brightening properties fade dark spots and even out skin tone, making it the perfect addition to your skincare routine. 

    Multitasking pink clay provides a boost of natural minerals, refines large pores, and lightly exfoliates your skin to encourage healthy cell renewal. 

    Our mild formula doesn’t disturb your skin’s natural oils, so it’s suitable for dry, sensitive, and acne-prone skin.


    Face Mask Vegan Brush

    Recreate a spa experience at home with our high-quality cruelty-free brush. Gentle enough on sensitive skin and easy to clean - just rinse with warm water and allow to air dry.

    Lifestyle + Wellness Undated Journal

    Lifestyle and Wellness Journal is made from FSC certified paper.


    Adorn 15 Year Anniversary Tea Mug Gift Set

    Made in China


    Australian Pink Clay Mask All Skin Types

    NET WT. 20g

    Kaolin, Iron Oxides [CI 77491], Iron Oxides [CI 77499].