Better World Initiatives

As Australia’s ethical beauty icon, Adorn Cosmetics is committed to protecting our precious planet by making environmentally conscious decisions in all aspects of the brand—from our product creation, packaging and distribution, to our holistic customer experience. When you buy Adorn, you’re making the right choice for a better world.

Sampling Options

Did you know that up to 70% of cosmetics globally are never finished and end up in landfill? Our innovative sample program is an environmentally friendly solution that minimises waste and offers you a convenient ‘try before you buy’ opportunity. Mini sample options come at a fraction of the full price, so you can choose the right product suited to your skin before investing in the full-sized product. 

Naked Products

Adorn offers sustainably manufactured products with the lowest possible carbon footprint. All our cosmetic and skincare products are packaged in biodegradable, reusable or recyclable packaging—we don’t individually box or wrap our products in plastic.

Eco-luxe Refills

Adorn is the first global beauty brand to offer an environmentally friendly cosmetics refill program. We encourage our Adorners to reuse our packaging and purchase product refills which use up to 90% less plastic. Producing significantly less waste and consuming less energy, refills are a simple yet powerful eco solution.

Return & Recycle Rewards

Recycle and be rewarded with our new Return & Recycle program. At Adorn, we’re always striving to be more environmentally conscious and our new recycling program, in partnership with Terracycle, is another step towards a cleaner, more sustainable future.

With your help, we can recycle and repurpose Adorn packaging into new products, like outdoor furniture. Simply return a minimum of 10 empty Adorn products to our HQ office in Melbourne. Not only will you help minimise landfill, but you’ll also receive a $10 voucher to use on your next online Adorn order—a win-win for our Adorners and our planet.

How to return and recycle your empty packaging:

Step 1: Keep your Adorn ‘reusable postal bag’ from a previous order and start filling it up with your empty refill pouches or packaging (minimum of 10 items). Please ensure your products are empty, clean and free of any residual product.

Step 2: Add your details to the packaging return—including full name, phone number and email address—so that we can arrange your $10 voucher.  

Step 3: Arrange for postage and address the package to:

Adorn Cosmetics Return & Recycle Rewards
Suite 3, Building 2, Level 1,195 Wellington Road
Clayton VIC 3168

Please note that postage fees will not be reimbursed and we only accept Adorn empty packaging. No other packaging type or brand will be accepted.

Your $10 coupon will be emailed to you once we receive your 10+ empty Adorn products.

Read more about our Return & Recycle Program here - TerraCycle Beauty Waste Program.

Biodegradable Packaging

To ensure the safe arrival of your beautiful Adorn products, our team carefully wraps them with eco-friendly, biodegradable or recyclable protective paper and ribbon. We use a honeycomb patterned paper made from SFI/Recycled material—an excellent alternative to plastic bubble wrap and foam.

Airless Packaging

Our products packaged with airless dispensing pumps protect and extend the integrity of our luxury formulas. The clever system protects natural mineral and botanical ingredients from the damaging effects of air through oxidation. With each pump, the product is pushed upward and dispensed via an air-tight vacuum. This means your Adorn products last longer and you can easily extract every last drop of skincare—zero waste.

Reef Safe

Proudly Australian Made, Adorn is committed to protecting our delicate coral reefs. That’s why we’ve made sure every product is reef safe and non-toxic to coral or marine life. This includes all our natural ingredients and SPF in our mineral foundations and BB creams.