Eyelash Application Made Easy

Lashes now these are something for most to be feared and i understand why people are a little bit scared of trying the lashes out but look at the moment if you're finding that you're stuck at home why not just give them a bit of a try because once like anything you master how to put them on they make a massive difference to your overall look and in fact you might find that you can substitute out some of the other things you're doing in your routine and don't need those particular products anymore by using the lashes so for example if you're someone that's got maybe a more hooded eye maybe you've got a lot of excess skin maybe you've got quite a round eye you've got small eyes and in fact anybody can wear false eyelashes but if you're struggling with defining your eyes and as i said you are someone with a hooded eye then you might find that investing the time in learning how to apply these is much more valuable than trying to master eyeliner you can't see eyeliner if you've got hooded eyes you've probably got the skin sitting on the lash line you probably find your products end up on the top of your lid anyway you're much better mastering this than worrying about something like an eyeliner and i promise you this is going to open up your eyes so much they're just going to look amazing so here's my little tips on how to apply it i really prefer the three-quarter or the quarter lashes i'm not a big fan of the full lashes i find they're a little bit harder to place um you know if you've got to get the right length you might have to trim them so for a novice or someone that's not completely comfortable these are the best and i find they're the most flattering because i like to get the eye looking big and open on the outer so using some tweezers grab the middle of the lashes like this grab your glue and all you need to do is just get a little bit popping out up the top make sure you play paste play special attention to the ends because they're often the bits that will lift up and then just run the glue run the glue acro along the lash line like this now what i would do is just give this a little bit of a shake and allow that glue to dry a little bit you could even grab another set of tweezers or just grab with your fingers the other set of lashes and just put a little bit of this glue onto there and while you're applying your first set this one is going to be drying so if you can get the glue on both at the same time it's going to save time because that's going to sit there and dry a little bit so you basically want your glue semi dry all you need to then do is make sure you've got the longest tip on the eye the right eye so you want to make sure the longest tip is on the edge and then all you need to do is place it right down really close to the lashes so place it over the top of the lashes like that okay so just place it on there and then either with your fingers or your tweezers you just move them i wasn't happy with that placement which is fine there we go and you can use the tweezers just to gently push them right into that lash line and all i'm doing is gently just pressing on them to just get the lash line to adhere now i've done my eye mascara first so any of the curling lash primer eyelash mascara do your eyes like you would normally when you're not wearing lashes that is the hot tip because then your false lashes have got support and they're not going to be as difficult to put on so definitely prep your eyes just like you would if you were not wearing lashes and then it'll be so much easier for them to stick on now whilst that helps save time by prepping your lashes and not doing it when you've got your falsies on it also means that you can wear your false lashes for a lot longer they'll be reusable if you put your lashes on first and then put mascara on it's not that you can't do that you can but you're going to get mascara and build up on your falsies just meaning that you're not getting as many wears out of them i prefer to do it before as i said because it makes it quicker it gives a support to the false lashes but then i get multiple uses out of these because i just gently pull them off they're nice and clean and they're not getting clumpy from scarra okay again so i've got the glue on there which is drying i'm using the tweezers in the mid section and i'm now just going to apply and downwards place it so i could feel the wetness of that glue as close to the lash line as possible now i'm just using my fingers to press that gently and voila so the glue that we have on our website will dry clear you can get some from other uh brands that have them that they dry black or brown i just prefer them to dry clear because not everybody likes that eyeliner look and it might end up looking clumpy i just think this is much more natural but look at how much bigger my eyes look now if you're someone that struggles with eye makeup this may be all you need to do to enhance your eyes like all things worthwhile it requires practice but it's not impossible and if you struggle to see and you're a little blind all you need to do is get a magnifying mirror that suction cups onto your mirror in your bathroom or wherever it is that you do your makeup so we do actually sell those on the adorn website in the tools section they are amazing in amplifying so you can get really close maybe on a day that you're not loving your skin don't look at it too much because you might start picking and i don't want you to be doing that that's how good these mirrors are but if you definitely struggle with eye makeup that is a tool that i think is a must hopefully you've enjoyed the tips around popping on your eyelashes