Foundation For Your Skin Type with Briony Kennedy

Okay, so what foundation should you be wearing okay, colour matching aside, what type of the foundation should you be looking for the The good news is most of the foundations in the Adorn range does suit most skin types it depends on what you put underneath your foundation and what you set it with that will give you the finish that you're after, and I'll discuss that in a moment but if you're looking at the preference for your skin type, I'm going to go through each foundation type, including our BB cream as to what may suit you now my first tip is this I do recommend that you have two foundation types in your kit, and I do recommend that you have two colours, so it may mean that you have said for example, I have a light to medium in the loose minerals, and I have a medium olive in the cream because I am more of a yellow base, and both of those are yellow-based, and they suit my skin now I use the cream by itself, or I use the loose minerals by itself depending on how dark I am or how light I am, and if I'm somewhere in between. I can mix the two together by layering the loose minerals over the top of the cream so there are so many different things that you can create with our foundations it's really about having a little bit of a play and just make sure that you get the right colour first but my tip is definitely to have two foundation shades as well as two foundation types your skin is never the same it's an organ it changes it can be dehydrated it can be oily one minute it could be dry one minute I have psoriasis myself so I understand that sometimes you need to vary what you're putting on okay if you are looking at the adorned cream stick okay the cream stick is a really beautiful product for those that want a camera finish flawless look you can also create a really barely-there finish with a stick who would have thought so all you need to do is put a little bit on your face blend it with the Kabuki brush okay and you can spread that and make it as thin and as lighter coverage as you want or if you want a really heavy coverage or you want camera finish I'm going to a wedding coverage put more on and just keep blending it with the Kabuki and you can build it all of our foundations are buildable you can also use the loose minerals over the top of this so when I'm going out or I've got an event or I'm shooting on some set I will put my medium I'll leave on the first for a bit of warmth because I'm quite fair and then I use the loose minerals over the top and I just get a super flawless finish so there you can use the two together or separately this foundation type is however really great for people who have dry or dehydrated skin because it's got shea butter your Hebel and some beautiful botanical oils in there that emulate the natural sebum in our skin so what that means is it's able to hydrate the skin nourish the skin and not make it look flaky so if you have dry dehydrated skin this is probably the best product for you you may like to try this with the de primer moisturizer first and if you feel that you still feel dry or dehydrated then you can mix the primer day moisturizer with one of our facial oils the rosehip oil or the superfood oil if you're suffering from maybe some acne can also mix it with that so many of our facial oils you can mix with the primer and then place this over the top if you've got really dry flaky skin that will help combat it somewhat but here's a note if you do have dry flaky skin and no foundation is going to cover dry flaky skin unfortunately so you're best off on the days that you have got maybe a dry nose or flaky nose maybe you've been blowing it you've had a cold just try not to put too much foundation in those areas because nothing will hide dry flaky skin dehydrated skin yes we can give it a feed with the nutrients that are in these particular products but it's not going to completely hide dry flaky skin so if you do have a dry nose pop your foundation on and then maybe grab a little bit of primer and just Pat it over the dry areas to spread and minimize that foundation coverage a little bit in the area that's dry and therefore take the attention away from that dry skin okay so that's this particular product it's got 15 grams in there it's a wind-up okay and obviously it will last as long as you use it so if you're really heavy-handed 

or if you use it as a light coverage it's obviously going to last you a lot longer okay so moving on to the liquid foundation okay the liquid foundation is an oil-free liquid foundation it does suit all skin types but if you are a more dry or dehydrated skin it's probably best to go with the stick you can however still use this but you may like to again it's all about what you put underneath it so if you want to use the liquid but you have a dry or dehydrated skin definitely use our primer underneath but you also may find okay no I still feel like I want more Jonas so maybe mix a facial oil in with the day primer to give that really jaw lustrous look to the skin okay so this oil control liquid foundation does have a natural SPF when we talk about natural SPF that's derived from non nano titanium dioxide so completely safe to use on the skin as it cannot penetrate into the bloodstream and we also use zinc oxide they're the most natural forms of sunscreen better for the environment as well and our waterways if you're going to the beach it's not an SPF that I would like to make any claims about but it is about six to eight plus so if you're just getting intermittent little bursts of Sun it's just going to protect you from that okay but you do need some Sun for vitamin D otherwise your bones end up brittle so Suns not completely the enemy but if you're wanting a little bit of sun protection the oil control liquid foundation is awesome for that now if you do choose this one and I do recommend - recommend that all foundations you try a sample first please don't buy a full-size product it upsets me because I feel like you're probably ending up with the wrong colour anyway and then it ends up in landfills the samples samples samples girls the liquid foundation is an airless pump so that means that there is no internal dip tube so when you first start pumping it you may find that it takes a few pumps to get it to work that's because the vacuum in here needs to kick start and eliminate any air bubbles that may be at the top so give it quite a few pumps if it's still not working which is very rare tap it upside down to get the foundation right to the top pump it away and then it'll start dispensing the beauty of airless is that we don't need to use yucky parabens and any preservatives that are nasty of Kate because there's no air in there bacteria can't breed and what I also love about airless pumps is you get full use of the product as a consumer you're not couching around trying to get any excess products that's stuck in there you get full use of the 30 grams of product that's in there you'll see the little vacuum start to move up and I've got one here to show you so you can see that the vacuum has started to push the product up so you get full use of it and you can see there's no internal dip tube so it's not faulty some people say to us oh I think it's faulty because I can't see the tube it's not it's an airless pump as is all of our liquid products okay so now if you are someone who's got a really oily complexion again you can use the the liquid foundation maybe a preference for you again anybody can use it but that may be something you want to try you do apply this with the Kabuki brush I find that because it doesn't have any oils or silicones 

or any nasties in there the Kabuki brush is the best way to apply that product as it spreads it makes it really nice and thin and skin like rather than thick because it does dry fairly quickly okay if you do have an oily complexion in particular the loose minerals are going to be your favorited friend okay the loose minerals will help absorb some of that oil flow a little bit for you as well it's going to stay on a lot longer and it's going to look or natural I cannot slide off your face halfway through the day which you don't want in saying that though the loose mineral foundations do suit all skin types I don't care how old you are how young you are or what skin type you have unless you have really dry peeling off you've had a I don't know your your face is falling off there is no reason why you cannot use this because we do not use any fillers there's no talc there's no bismuth oxychloride there is nothing in our loose minerals that will dry out the skin clog the skin or make the skin look matte and and and aging I guess so the loose minerals if you have an oily skin again it's all about what you put underneath it if you have an oily skin then I recommend just using our skin primer day moisturizer as your skin prep it'll help regulate your oil flow but it'll also hydrate the skin as well okay then you put your loose minerals on okay so you just dispense a small amount into the lid use your kabuki brush and buff it on it now you can layer this the loose mineral is a foundation in its own right and that's what I have on today just loose minerals this is super flawless and I promise you I've got you got this look all from the loose minerals okay I have a normal combination skin I love this product simply because it has an SPF of 20 plus it's a natural sunscreen I can't stand the feel of those synthetic sunscreens on my skin that congested end up getting breakouts from it it feels disgusting it's not great for the beaches or the waterways so I feel better knowing that this is a natural ingredient that's not going to harm waterways they're not going to harm my skin but it's also going to give me enough sun protection that I don't have to worry about sun damage which you can see from using these for ten years I don't have any so if you've got oily skin just use the skin primer underneath buff this on with the kabuki brush small amounts if you want to really like tinted moisturizer coverage you can do that if you do want a heavier cover like what I have on today it's stippling like this so you're pressing the foundation in if you buff it in it spreads it and makes it thinner if you press it in you get a heavier coverage out of it again if you want super super flawless coverage and you want it really quick as your time poor you can use this over the top of the cream or the liquid foundation and then that true to get out the two foundations together will marry up they'll work in synergy together and they'll give you flawless camera-ready skin