Quick Eye Liner Look

Hey Adorner's, Briony Kennedy here now i know that a few of you are struck probably more than a few of you are struggling with winged eyeliner so i thought i'm going to show you my really quick way of doing a winged eyeliner when i'm time poor and i just really want to get a quick little flick maybe i wasn't planning on even wearing eyeliner and i've changed my mind so this is a really good tip now it doesn't matter what you use it could be the loose brow dust it could be an eyeliner it could be mascara whatever it is that you want to use depending on the intensity or the color that's completely up to you but all you need to do is grab an angled brush though okay that is the key you need one of these and no matter what it is whether it's a pencil and you're just rubbing it on there or your mascara to make it a liquid eyeliner up to you i'm going to use the brow dust so of course you can use any of the eyeshadow colors and you can use your brush wet or damp rather or dry it's up to you now all you do is your makeup do all of your makeup do your mascara make sure you curl your lashes because that's going to give you a really good indicator of where to place this particular wing okay so all of my makeup is done i haven't got any eyeliner on but i'm going to now pop on a little bit on the ends to give you this wing now all i'm going to do is get the longest part of the brush and i'm going to pop it in the corner of my eye but not underneath at the top of the corner of my eye and i'm just going to press it like a stamp so the little part of the brush is facing up towards my brow so all i've done is pressed it down like a stamp and there you've got your instant wing eyeliner and then all you need to do is just feather it out a little bit all that means is just little strokes to make it join into your eye a little bit and there you've got a quick flick all right so again if you wanted to intensify that again the longest part of the brush just get it on the very corner of your eye with the shortest end facing up towards your brow so i've just exaggerated that okay so the other side again the longest part of the brush and the corner of my eye but on top of the lash line and i'm just pressing that down now if you've got quite a deep crease here all you need to do is just just tap it a little bit keep it in one spot but maybe just tap it tap it tap it tap it as you're dragging it up and lift it off and there you go you've got your winged eyeliner again i want to exaggerate that a little bit so i'm just going to again place it and i'm just tapping it and there we go and if you're wanting to thicken it up all you need to do again is just get your angled brush and just fill in that corner there just fill in that corner to the lash line and the other side so there you go just gonna emphasize this one a little bit more but there you go that's it all you need to do so you don't need to worry about eyeliner don't worry about putting it all the way around your whole eye and then you sort of think oh god it keeps taking it all off just get your makeup done to the point that you're happy with it again this is the tool that you need we sell these singularly they're in the brush sets as well um and all you need to do is choose whether you want to use an eyeshadow an eyeliner even maybe one of your lip liners lipstick color whatever you want to do again it's the long part of the brush first stamp it on so you're going up towards the brow and you can just like dab it a few times just to really push it in especially if you've got a deep crease like i do there and that's it um and if you feel like you don't want the harsh line of a wing you can always just blend it and feather it out a little bit so it's not intense so there you go there's my really quick way of doing a beautiful crisp eyeliner or winged liner i hope you've enjoyed this for those of you that are going to ask i've got rose on today which kind of looks quite corally uh just rub it in a little bit more there i've just rushed that on but a really nice rose uh coral color again it looked different on different people um but it's really giving a nice nice pout this one i'm quite happy with this color