Skincare Sampler Box: What's Inside?

Now you've just purchased the skincare sampler box and i thought i would take you through what's inside and how to use some of these products you might have purchased this box so that you can try our skincare for the first time or maybe you've fallen in love with our skincare and you want little mini sizes for traveling or for the gym or something like that now what's great about all of the adorned skincare as with all of our products is of course they're australian made they are vegan toxin free allergen free and of course cruelty free so we make all of our products here within australia and i know you're going to absolutely enjoy these beautiful natural botanical products now let's get started what is in this box it's super exciting when you get little goodies like this now open it up and the first thing you'll see is the skincare routine card okay so this just gives you some information on how to and when to use the products to fit within your routine now don't be concerned if when you're swapping to full-size products you don't have all of these products that's okay build up to that start with products that you're comfortable with so that you don't get too overwhelmed start small and do it well and then build up to a larger routine that is more of a ritual that you enjoy okay so start small and then head to that full ritual now you can just follow the arrows on this card and it will very clearly let you know when to use each of the products okay so inside the sampler it'll look like this okay so you've got your application uh spatula just here which is really used for the jars okay and then you've got all of the cute little mini size i'm trying to turn this one around for you all the little mini size here with your oils and your cleansers and things like that so i'm just going to take you through what's in these now sometimes the boxes may vary what's in them so do check with the website what's included because you may purchase the box and it might vary a little bit sometimes things um become out of stock and we do swap something else in but the beauty of these boxes is they're broken into three skin types so there is a calming box so for those of you that have more redness or rosacea or anything that you feel needs calming then the calming skincare box will be great for you to try there's also the hydrating sampler box and the balancing so it just gives you an option of some different uh products to try you might like to try two so grab a couple or you might want to try some individual samples along with the box as well now what you'll find in here is your pre makeup sorry your pre cleanse oil okay so this is uh what you would use first to cleanse your skin now of course refer to your card and there are tutorials on the website how to use each of these products so if you head to the website the tutorial page just pop in the search function what you're looking up and then you'll find a heap of tutorials on how to do this all right but again just start small so that you feel confident moving forward but the pre-cleanse oil with wet fingers massage over the face and the eyes and that helps to remove the daily dirt and grime and of course makeup that is your first cleanse all right and then you've got your gel cleanser or you might even have the cleansing milk just depends on the box that you have so your second cleanse would either be the gel cleanser or the cleansing milk and that's your second cleanse again pea size amounts you don't need a lot when it comes to the adorn range because it's super concentrated all of the products are pure and with purpose we don't use any bulking agents or anything that's not necessary in the product so the second cleanse the gel or the milk cleanser all over the face with wet fingertips and then remove that with i would suggest our waffle weave cloth not just water on the face always remove your cleansers with some form of mechanical cloth that will help remove it okay so then you've got what else have we got in here then you've got your hydration primer which is a perfect day moisturizer the added bonus is that this also preps the skin for your makeup application you can pop that all over the face including the eyes then we have the night cream also very beautiful pop that on at night time after you've cleansed and also all put your serums if you are using a serum at the moment your serums go on first before your moisturizers again your card will remind you of that there's our beautiful and ever so popular eye cream just dot it around the sides right out into the temples okay you don't need to put it all around the eyes and i prefer to use eye cream just overnight time especially for those that wear makeup during the day eye cream can prevent your eye makeup staying on very long so if you're wanting to make sure that your eye your eye makeup stays put eye creams best at night time your skin is regenerating at night anyway and repairing itself so all of those goodies are best to use at night time all right so you've also got an antioxidant oil okay again some of these oils will change depending on what box you purchase so the calming oil will of course be in the calming box um the blemish oil will be in the blemish sampler box and then you've got your antioxidant day oil which is obviously in this particular box that we're going through now so again check the website just to make sure exactly what it is that you've purchased and then that will refer to which oil that you use regardless of what one it is this gets put on after your moisturizer just a tiny little bit i like to put again a pea size rub it like this vigorously and then pat it onto my face and then work it around i try to avoid my eye areas i just don't like any extra buildup of oil around the eyes okay and then you also have the body oil which is so yummy it's like you've just stepped out of the best day spa you could ever imagine it smells divine so that you can put all over your body it is so yummy while you're testing this one out maybe just try it on your arms or your legs and then of course you'll get an idea how as to how you love it and then you've got uh your night oil okay so there's a night oil also in here so again you would pop this over your night cream so basically uh in a minute i'll take you through the routine just so you can be clear as to what the card means but if you've got your box in your hands at the moment you can look through each of these steps as i'm talking to you and of course we've also got the face scrubs or polishes okay and they will depend on what one you've selected as well again the more water you have on your fingers the less harsh your scrub or polish will be the less water you have the more harsh it will be so if you've got sensitive skin or you just want a very gentle exfoliation have quite watery or wet fingers to emulsify the polish okay i don't recommend putting it on dry skin with no water the more water probably the better you still want to feel the grit but you don't want to feel it so much so that it's going to actually aggravate the skin so that's a little tip with any of the facial polishes or scrubs that you may be using use a little bit more water and you don't necessarily have to do it on your whole face you might like to just focus on your t-zone for example and the same with all of the treatments you might find that the facial oil you only need to pop you know on your forehead and your cheeks you might find again the eye cream just pop it in your temple area you don't have to put products all over the face if you don't feel that you need it everywhere you can spot treat the face with these so these goodies are really great to try our range and they usually last a good few applications if not longer it really just depends on what you're treating so if you're just trialing out on your face of course they're going to last longer than if you are putting the products on your decolletage neck and face so i do recommend moving forward when you have your skin care routine down pat and your favorite pop products in your bathroom i treat from nipples up okay that to me is full skin care full decolletage full neck full face now if you're going to treat all of those areas your skincare is not going to last as long but your skin is going to definitely benefit from it so um again keep these little jars because you can refill them later on when you do run out and they're handy for traveling or popping to the gym or what have you okay if you do get to the end of those products and uh you've of course swapped to the full size you can return these little sample minis to us and we will recycle them for you which is fantastic so all of the products at adorn can be refilled or recycled or in some cases are even biodegradable so i'll just quickly take you through the card so then you can go and have a little bit of fun with this box and enjoy all of these products one more tip i would suggest is that if you're new to skincare what i would say is try a couple of new products each day maybe don't try all of the products in your sample box all on the same day if you've got pretty robust skin you might be able to do that but like anything it's if you were to change your diet straight away your body would probably go into a little bit of shock even if it was for the benefit of going through it maybe i don't know a health kicker or a detox or whatever it is that you might be doing the body will react to change and that's perfectly normal it doesn't mean what you're doing is bad it just means your body's having a bit of a reaction to the change so i would suggest that when you are changing your skincare introduce a couple of the products each day so that you know okay yep the cleanser that really worked well for me i'm fine with it um tomorrow i might try the second cleanser and then the next day i might try the facial polish so just go gradual so that your skin doesn't have an absolute complete shock when you're changing things over you may get a few blemishes that's perfectly normal because it's detoxing that's totally fine as well so just go go slow go easy and that's the best way to change your skin care from one brand to another or even just incorporate skin care to start with so the skin care sample routine we'll talk about number one you've got your pre-cleanse here then number two either using the gel or the milk cleanser and of course removing it with the waffle weave cloth which you'll find in our tools section it'll talk about them doing each one of the treatments some that are in the box some that are not and then it talks about going through using the rose water a serum your moisturizer eye cream a facial oil of course your sunscreen and then makeup if that's what you're applying during the day so it's a really handy card you might want to just stick this on the mirror at home so that you've got that as a great reference point i hope you've enjoyed this little tutorial on how to use the skincare box i'm sure you're gonna have absolute fun with it i know you're going to enjoy the products again remember the tip to go slow try one or two products a day definitely go to the tutorial section because i know on the website you will find some really handy nuggets of advice on how to make your skincare routine a ritual that you enjoy and not a chore