End The Day with Briony

so i've had a day of speaking engagements and of course i've been well adorned and what i love to do when i've been out and about all day with a full face of makeup is to come home and have a beautiful bath cleanse my face with the pre cleanse makeup removing oil the gel makeup removing gel and of course then i love to really give my skin a beautiful treatment by putting my essentials on so the first thing that i will always do is once i've gotten out of the bath or shower is spritz with the beautiful rose water so yummly and hydrating and what i love about that is if i've been in air con or heating and of course is going to help with that but it also just helps my serums penetrate that little bit further as well so i'm using the night serum and whatever i put on my face i put on my neck and my chest or my decollete and you can if you wanted to spritz again with the rose water i like to do a couple of spritzers because it really just helps to settle that product the serum your moisturizers penetrate the skin just that little bit further because the skin is damp so when the skin's damp it is able to take in those beautiful ingredients a little bit more i of course follow it by the luxurious aroma and hydrating night cream that is a dawn oh and again one pump's enough for the face neck and chest you can even pop a little bit on the top of the boobies and i love finishing off with the nighttime oil you might even want to use the pecuchi oil a rosehip oil any of the oils that suits you um but i tend to alternate them it just depends on how my skin feels but one pump again is enough really rub it into the lips now face oils are a divine way of nourishing the skin without congesting the skin and they just help protect the acid mantle of the skin and help protect against bacteria damage as well so that's my routine especially after a day where i've been out with a full face of makeup my skin is really nice clean and dewy hydrated and nourished and i usually do this at least an hour before bed.