Brown Waterproof Mascara

Brown Waterproof Mascara


Perfect for those who have hooded eyelids, weepy eyes or anyone who loves to exercise without sweat stripping off their lashes. For even more fuller, longer looking lashes apply our Lash Primer first, allowing a few seconds to dry.

Remove daily before sleep with a gentle natural oil, such as our Rosehip Oil.

Keeping in with best hygiene practices, we recommend replacing your eye products every 3-4 months.

Is it smudge-proof?

No. Rubbing your eyes will cause this product to transfer.

How do I remove this product?

For removal, we suggest our Rosehip Oil or a natural oil-based eye makeup remover. Soak your chosen eye makeup remover onto a cotton pad and apply to the lashes for a few seconds before gently wiping it away.

Is this product suitable for sensitive eyes?

Yes, and officially 'made safe' accredited by the SCA.