Lifestyle + Wellness
Undated Journal

Lifestyle + Wellness
Undated Journal


Beautifully Boxed

52 Weeks Undated Planner 

Lifestyle Habit Planner

To-do List

Daily Goal Setting

Daily Affirmations

Simple Design & Perfect Size

Light Pink Hard Cover

Certified FSC Paper


A5 Lifestyle + Wellness Undated Journal

Write down and prioritise your weekly goals, and to-do list, and then assign tasks to each day for maximum efficiency. No guilt if you miss a week.

Cultivate healthy life habits each day and use the checkbox as a visual reminder.

Achieving balance in your life has never been so effortless. This beautifully designed wellness journal is your sanctuary for mindfulness and self-care. It's the ultimate tool for finding harmony amidst the chaos of everyday life.

Lifestyle and Wellness Journal is made from FSC certified paper.