5 Simple Skin Loving Steps to Healthier Skin

Follow these daily skincare tips for a noticeable difference in your skin over time.


Skincare Tip #1

Avoid putting your face directly under a hot shower or using really warm water to cleanse.

Water that is too hot pulls essential moisture from out of the skin and is extremely drying.

This can cause capillary damage, redness and dry/dehydrated skin that can become sensitive and sore.


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Skincare Tip #2

Avoid using a cleanser in the morning. Yes you read that correctly!

You can absolutely clean your skin too much, causing dry, more sensitive skin.

A double cleanse of an evening using our Pre-Cleanse Makeup Removing Oil and a gel or milk cleanser, followed by a gentle cleanse using only a warm waffle cloth in the morning is adequate.


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Skincare Tip #3

Use Facial Oils - even acne prone skin! Moisturising alone is not enough for optimal skin health and skin barrier function. Essentially moisturisers hydrate the skin, while facial oils nourish, heal and protect the skin from moisture loss and free radical damage.

Face oils also look beautiful under our mineral foundation giving the skin a naturally glowing appearance.


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Skincare Tip #4

Dry Lips? Keep our nourishing Coconut Lip Balm or Soothing Barrier Balm by your bedside (that way you can't forget) and apply it both morning and night. This will give a noticeable improvement to your cracked lips. Now you can adorn that bright lippie you have had your eye on!


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Skincare Tip #5

Combat the drying affects of air-conditioning, heating and environmental stressors, by maintaining essential skin moisture using our super hydrating Rosewater Face Mist throughout the day. And let's not forget to keep our water intake up, and avoid excess alcohol and coffee.


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