How Makeup Tools Can Impact the Skin

Makeup tools can have a significant impact on the skin, both good and bad, depending on how they are used and maintained. Adorn advocates using the highest quality tools and brushes to support makeup efficiency as well as offering sustainable options for skin and environmental health.

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There are many ways that makeup tools affect the skin and the effectiveness of your cosmetic and skincare products:

1.    Application: Makeup brushes and sponges are used to apply various makeup products to the skin. When beautifully soft, professional makeup brushes can provide a smooth, even application that minimises the need for excess product. Our Vegan Kabuki Brush is the perfect brush for any foundation type.

2.    Blending: Properly blending makeup is essential for a natural look. Professional makeup tools help blend products seamlessly, reducing the risk of streaks or uneven coverage that may require extra rubbing or layering. Our Buff & Blend Vegan Brush is perfect for minimising the look of large pores around the nose and giving a more even texture to the skin. It also applies our cream blush like a dream.

3.    Bacteria and Hygiene: Makeup tools can hide bacteria and germs if not cleaned regularly, which can be re-introduced back on to your skin causing breakouts, irritation, and even infections. It's crucial not to share your makeup brushes and to clean your tools regularly to maintain optimal skin health. The American Academy of Dermatology Association recommends cleansing brushes every seven to 10 days*. See our related post below to view our tutorial on the correct method for cleaning your Adorn brushes.

4.    Product Absorption: Some makeup tools, like sponges, can absorb a portion of the product being applied. If using the same complexion blender across multiple products & shades, discolouration can occur. Consider dedicating different blenders to your most used products.

5.    Exfoliation: Makeup brushes will provide a mild exfoliation effect on the skin. This can help remove dead skin cells and stimulate circulation, promoting healthier skin if brushes with super soft bristles are used. Cheap makeup brushes with 'prickly', harsh bristles can however cause micro-tears on the skin leading to itchy irritated skin, redness, aggravated rosacea, acne and possible bacteria infections. Regularly cleaning your brushes also keeps bristles soft and gentle for application.  

6.    Allergies: Some individuals may be allergic to the non-vegan materials used in makeup tools. It's essential to check for any allergic reactions and choose hypoallergenic vegan tools if you have known allergies. All Adorn brushes are vegan and suitable for all skin types.

7.    Product Waste: Low-quality makeup brushes and sponges can waste makeup products as they may not apply or blend products effectively. Investing in high-quality tools can save money in the long run.

Owning multiple tools means that you can easily rotate clean and sanitised brushes into your daily routine. Investing in high quality skincare and cosmetics requires fit for purpose, hygienic application that only long wearing, high quality brushes can deliver. Adorn’s 5 star verified rated premium, hand made 15 piece makeup brush set give you the best options no matter what look you are aiming for day or night. 


2023-09-05 23:15:00
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