Vegan Brush

Vegan Brush


Multi-Tasking Face Brush

Synthetic Bristles

Vegan & Cruelty Free

Ultra-Soft Sensitive Skin Friendly

Gives Light Foundation Coverage

Multi-Tasker for Foundation, Blush & Bronzer

The Adorn Vegan Complexion Brush is a super soft multi-tasking brush that blends your favourite makeup for a smooth, natural looking complexion.

Its convenient size means it's a handy purse or travel companion for on the go touch-ups and is perfect for applying our Miracle Blur or Mineral Setting Powder.

Adorn's Complexion Brush is made vegan friendly, to not harm animals.

How do I correctly clean my Adorn brush?

We recommend cleaning your brushes with our Anti-Bacterial Natural Brush Cleaner for in-between cleans for best hygiene practices and protection against bacteria.

And with a natural soap for a deeper, more thorough clean. Please click on the link video below that discusses this method:

What is an acceptable end date for brushes?

It is difficult to determine an acceptable end date for brushes as it depends entirely on the amount/type of use within that period.

The adhesive within the brush will, as with all makeup brushes, break down over time. Depending on environmental factors, physical wear, and tear and general cleaning and care.

But would expect, with correct use, our Bronzer Blush Brush to last a minimum of 6 months.

To extend the lifespan of our brushes, we recommend regular cleaning. And avoid them coming into contact with chemicals.