As a beauty industry veteran and former professional makeup artist, Briony knows the importance of using good quality products with safe ingredients.

Her passion for the environment means that Adorn Cosmetics has a committment to our planet, and our people - not just producing premium products.

Adorn Cosmetics is backed by real certifications and has been a trusted Australian beauty brand since 2008 and with the world choking on plastic, Briony was determined to minimise beauty waste by pioneering circular beauty refills and recycling initiatives.  A bold move in 2010 when zero waste and sustainability were not on the beauty industries radar.

Briony has become the face of Adorn and she lives with purpose in all areas of her life, not only as an entrepreneur and environmental activist but as a mother of three boys and an advocate for selfcare and mental health awareness.

After the birth of her twin boys, Briony suffered debilitating postnatal depression which prompted her to help other women enduring this common mental illness. Through Adorn she advocates and encourages kindness, and helps women improve their confidence through selfcare and the expression of makeup. 

When she’s not working on Adorn you’ll find Briony donning colourful activewear and sipping a Dirty Chai after a Pilates class (or an Espresso Martini after work hours).

You can follow Briony and her journey here: The Briony Kennedy Lifestyle Edit