Adorn Cosmetics have never been tested on animals (nor do we engage any third party to test on our behalf), and do not use any animal ingredients or animal by-products... because we believe that animals should never suffer for our beauty.

Only ingredients that are already deemed safe and have existing safety data are used in Adorn formulations. To read more about our accreditations and the strict guidelines we have met to acquire them, please click on the links below.

View our Choose Cruelty Free accreditation here.

View our Vegan accrediatation here.

View our PETA accreditation here.

Adorn Cosmetics has also been independently reviewed and certified both Toxin-Free and Allergen Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia. View our accreditation here.

As an independent, not-for-profit company, Safe Cosmetics Australia’s mission is to provide consumers with the information to purchase products that are formulated with ingredients that aren’t known or suspected to cause harm to human health or the environment.


Adorn Cosmetics is proudly an Australian privately owned company, dedicated to sourcing where possible its minerals & organic ingredients directly from the Australian earth. When you purchase our products you're not only supporting Australian jobs, you are buying safe, ethically sourced premium products made to meet Australia's high standards, and you are also helping to support our environment.

Products produced and sold locally use far less energy and packaging to reach their destination than imported products which means less carbon footprint and less landfill and we love that!

Adorn will only trade with the most reputable and ethical of manufacturers and suppliers, and our ingredients are always sourced FIRST where possible from within Australia. In the rare event an ingredient is not available within Australia at the time of production, we will source ingredients from abroad. However, in keeping with our brand ethos and the ethical treatment of both animals and people, we do not ever purchase ingredients from countries such as India that are associated with child labour and unfair work practices.