Natural Eye Shadow

Vibrancy meets virtue in our range of award-winning pure mineral eyeshadows. Create stunning looks with highly pigmented yet sensitive-eye-friendly shadows that blend and build beautifully and last all day. 

Sustainably Crafted Inside and Out

Cruelty-free and vegan-certified, our natural eyeshadows are better for you and the planet. Many of our eyeshadows are refillable or come in recyclable packaging, proving that luxury makeup can also be sustainable.

A Palette for Every Mood and Occasion

Adorn’s pure mineral refillable eyeshadowscome in a stunning array of hues, from bright and shimmery to muted earthy tones, so you can effortlessly create gorgeous looks that mirror your every mood and style preference. 

Everything You Need for a Complete Look and Effortless Application

For a complete look, combine your favourite palette or hue with an easy-to-use and long-wearing eyeliner and waterproof mascara from our collection. And if you want to take the glam a step further, enhance your lashline with a set of natural, vegan false eyelashes you can reuse time and time again. To ensure precise application and easy blending, upgrade your beauty bag with our professional-quality, vegan-certified makeup brushes - flat, angle, or crease, we have all the essential eye makeup tools covered.