Focus On Sustainability 



Adorn continues a quest to create a true circular beauty brand built on quality while informing the market of the benefits of meaningful sustainable practices. 


Adorn is one of the most highly accredited, circular cosmetics brands globally. Founder Briony Kennedy, was an early advocate for makeup refills in her mission to minimise the use of precious planet resources. Adorn products are sold without outer boxes or plastic; a much-needed change for the habitually wasteful beauty industry. Small, but meaningful steps over 15 years have continued to be the backbone of the Adorn brand. Adorn's initiatives and vision, is to conserve the planet and animals and promote kindness in all we do. 

In 2023 Adorn developed our Focus on Sustainability report comprising of industry and Adorn customer research. Download the full report for more. 



Adorn has shifted the profile of product samples from being seen as a ‘gift with purchase’, to be a purposeful means towards product satisfaction, saving money and minimising waste. Similarly Adorn provides packaging options so that customers can recycle more, or opt for refills. Many Adorn bottles and pots can be refilled. Refills take up less transport and warehouse space and the refill sachets can be returned and recycled. Refills also require less packing materials for customer delivery. This is an all-round win-win as our customers pay less for a refill pouch or sachet than for a full-sized product.


Adorn strives to achieve practices where products are created, processed, distributed and disposed of sustainably, and a circular model aims to keep Adorn’s product elements in play over and over again.

As a circular beauty brand Adorn:

  1. Works with nature and only produces what it needs. 
  2. Adorn keeps recources in play longer by producing refillable beauty products and using sustainably sourced materials like bamboo.
  3. Adorn avoids unnecessary resources and contributing to post-consumer waste wherever possible through removing standard outer packaging, and encouraging our refill options and samples.
  4. We recycle what can’t be refilled: taking responsibility of our post-consumer waste and recycling with Terracycle who turn it into outdoor furniture.




Check out the full Focus on Sustainability report here
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Australian Made, Zero Waste Refillable Beauty that's Kinder to Your Skin, Animals & Our Planet.

Our People Promise

At Adorn, providing you with the best online customer experience in the world is at the heart of everything we do.

Our commitment to delivering exceptional service includes going above and beyond for our customers, at every stage of their shopping journey.


Our Adorner Promise Includes:

* Same day dispatch

* Free product samples in orders

* Australian-based customer support

* Customer service reponse time 12-24 hours 

* Personalised skin assessment & product selection Skinquiz

* Recycling our post-consumer beauty waste

* Providing makeup and skincare guides & tutorials

* Access to our VIP Adorner group


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Our Planet Promise

Feel good knowing that you are supporting a company that's doing good by our planet.

Adorn's sustainability & circular beauty initiatives date back to 2008, with refillable beauty (reducing plastic by 90%) & naked products being at the core of our incredible waste reduction.  

We champion 'prevention is better than a cure' approach when it comes to both the production and retail of Adorn products.  For example, our cosmetics are packaged 'naked' (have no outer boxes or plastic) which means that from the very outset Adorn proudly uses dramatically less planet resources (saving trees, water, plastic, emissions & fuel) than most other beauty brands. This also means we prevent unnecessary post-consumer beauty waste going to landfill.

Adorn customers also receive their online orders guilt-free in reusable, compostable materials, and for the few items that cannot be refilled, customers can return them to Adorn for recycling. 

Learn more about Recycling here.


Our Sustainability Initiatives




Naked Products

2 million outer product boxes & plastic wrap prevented from landfill

September 2008

Ethically Made

Precious planet resources saved from the get-go

September 2008

Zero Waste Refills

130,000 cosmetic pots reused & saved from landfill

September 2008

Cruelty-Free Tools

70,000 vegan brushes sold = less animal cruelty

September 2008

Product Sampling

Prevents unsuitable beauty products from going to landfill & wasting resources

September 2008

Smaller Batch Production

Reduces waste, landfill & land resources

September 2008

Reusable Biodegradable Gift Wrapping

336 km of plastic bubble wrap saved from landfill

June 2014

Biodegradable Cosmetic Packaging

Ours breaks down in landfill within 6-10 yrs

June 2019

Reusable Biodegradable Mailing Bags

160,968 plastic postal bags saved from landfill

October 2019

Biodegradable Gift Ribbon

90km of satin ribbon saved from landfill

October 2019

Recycle + Repurpose

2000 units of post-consumer packaging recycled with Terracycle

July 2020

*This information was last updated in July 2022.