(noun) ~ an ethically conscious person devoted to
a healthier lifestyle, who doesn't want to
compromise on quality, style, or luxury.

Ethical, guilt free beauty that doesn't harm people, animals or the environment.
Become an Adorner and join the movement making the world a more beautiful place, one lipstick at a time.

Collectively as Adorners, all the little things we do combine to make a big difference in bettering the world.
Less animal cruelty, less landfill, less toxins. Now that's something we can all feel proud of.
Together, let's be kind to ourselves, each other, and the planet.


Adorn Cosmetics has always gone the distance to back its ethical beauty claims, and is proudly certified Cruelty Free, Vegan, Australian Made, Allergen Free and Toxin Free.

Better World

Feel good being an Adorner, knowing you are part of an ethically conscious movement collectively making a difference with less landfill, less toxins, less animal cruelty.

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Better Ingredients

Premium grade, Australian made, ethically sourced and sustainably packaged, toxin free, allergen and gluten free, vegan and cruelty free, 100% natural and organic, certified ingredients you can trust.

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Driven by a dislike for waste, frustration with "natural" brands disguising toxic ingredients, and powered by heartbreak over child labour and animal cruelty, Briony Kennedy's vision was to create a true beauty with a conscious brand that held kindness at its core, and would collectively help to make the world a more beautiful place. 

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Better Beauty Tutorials

Look and feel more beautiful with easy to follow makeup tutorials from our Clean Beauty Experts and Adorn’s Founder, Briony Kennedy.

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