Large Smudge
Vegan Brush 15

Large Smudge
Vegan Brush 15


Softer, Smokey Lines

Introducing our Smudge Brush #15: Your Secret to Effortless Smokey Eye Makeup Perfection.

Are you tired of struggling with eye liner mishaps or harsh-looking makeup? Smudge Brush #15 is your go-to tool for achieving soft, smokey eye makeup effortlessly.

The Smudge Brush #15 Difference:

1. Maximum Control for Smokey Eyes or Soft, Subtle Lines: Smudge Brush #15 is specially designed to give you unparalleled control when applying and smudging eye liner or eyeshadow along the lash line. Say goodbye to smudges and smears; this brush ensures your makeup stays put while delivering a soft, subtle finish.

2. Age-Defying Beauty: As we mature, achieving a precise eye line can become challenging. Smudge Brush #15 is the perfect solution, offering the precision you need to soften harsh lines and create a youthful, blended look. 

Why our Smudge Brush #15 Is a Must-Have:

Ultra-Soft Bristles: Our brush is designed with ultra-soft bristles that feel gentle against your skin. No more tugging or discomfort - just a luxurious makeup experience.
Professional-Grade Quality: Crafted with care and precision and made to last. Whether you're a makeup artist or a beauty enthusiast, you'll appreciate its professional-grade quality.

Synthetic Vegan Bristles

Made in China