Biodegradable Complexion Blender

Biodegradable Complexion Blender

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Multiuse biodegradable makeup perfecter


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Natural Powder (coconut powder) + PU

Coconut Shell 43%, PU 57%

Full Coverage

Adorn's Biodegradable Complexion Blender can be used damp or dry, but we recommend using damp to ensure a more seamless application and to avoid makeup waste. Water causes the blender to swell and helps prevent makeup from being absorbed.. reducing makeup waste.

If using damp, run the Complexion Blender under warm water and then squeeze any excess liquid, using a towel if necessary. 

For maximum coverage, use the round end of the Complexion Blender to gently press makeup into your skin. 
For precision application, use the pointed end of the Complexion Blender to gently press makeup around the eyes, mouth and nose - for example, when applying concealer.
Regularly clean with warm water and soap. Wring out all excess water and soap, and allow your Complexion Blender to air dry before using again. 

Cleaning your blender regularly prevents leftover makeup on your blender from caking up, making it harder to blend. It is also important to use a different blender for each makeup product to avoid product and shades mixing and becoming muddled.