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Insider Beauty Tips For Flawless Foundation
Achieving flawless foundation is a skill worth perfecting to achieve incredible, healthy-looking skin.
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Makeup Tutorial For Mature Skin

Finally, a natural foundation that won't accentuate fine lines or wrinkles and looks like your own skin. 

Makeup For Hooded Eyes

Simple makeup tutorial for hooded eyes.

A Simple Technique to Define Hooded Eyes

A simple technique to define hooded eyes using our Mineral Eye Crayon as a stencil & matte eye shadows.

Mineral Makeup For Aging Skin

Simple step-by-step makeup application for mature skin.

How to Stop Foundation Separating: Foundation Tips For Beginners

Learn how to prep your skin before applying foundation, how to choose the right shade for your skin tone, and the different types of foundation that work best for specific skin types.

Mineral Makeup Tips: Over 40's Event Makeup

Whether you have a busy day ahead or a special event, this technique will ensure your makeup stays put and brings and accentuates your best features.