Navigating Fear & Comparison in the World of Beauty and Business

Navigating Fear & Comparison in the World of Beauty and Business

Over the years, I’ve felt the effects of being stuck in a situation I couldn’t change and being consumed with dark, spiraling thoughts. After falling pregnant with my twin boys, I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG), which made me violently ill. Following this, I struggled heavily with post-natal depression and felt like I was drowning in my deepest and darkest thoughts. Looking back on my journey and the evolution of social media, I’ve seen how easy it is to buy into other people’s shiny highlight reels and feel like I’m the only one who is both a mess and making one. Now, I’m deeply passionate about bringing back purposeful and soulful communication where we can discuss our deepest and darkest moments without feeling judged. In this episode, I share my thoughts on how we can navigate fear and comparison in a world where we’re constantly watching other people’s highlight reels. I also dive deeper into my diagnosis with Hyperemesis gravidarum (HG) when I was pregnant, wrestling with postnatal depression, and how we can support those who have a mental illness. My hope is that my conversation today will help other women who are struggling with depression or feeling stuck, know that they’re not alone in going through this and that there’s so much more to live for.



My thoughts on social media and comparison [01:36]

How to better listen to our gut feelings [13:00]

My diagnosis with HG when I was pregnant [20:11]

Wrestling with postnatal depression [21:49]

Starting Imperfectly, Perfect Mummas [28:14]

How we can support loved ones who have a mental illness [29:54]

Becoming an ambassador for Beyond Blue [31:33]

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