Biodegradable Wheat Straw
Hair Claw Clip

Biodegradable Wheat Straw
Hair Claw Clip

As low as $12.00

Strong Hold & Durable


Biodegradable Wheat Straw

Strong Hold & Durable

85cm in length


Introducing Adorn's eco-friendly Biodegradable Wheat Straw Claw Hair Clip.

Discover the perfect blend of sustainability and style with our innovative claw hair clip designed for the eco-conscious fashionista

Eco-Friendly Excellence: Crafted from 50% biodegradable wheat straw, this hair clip aligns with your values, leaving behind a smaller carbon footprint.

Strong Hold, Unwavering Durability: Tame even the wildest locks effortlessly. Our hair clip boasts a robust grip that stays in place throughout the day, no matter the hair type or style.

Chic Pink or Elegant Cream: Choose between two timeless hues – a soft pink or a classic cream – both complementing any outfit and adding a touch of sophistication to your look.


Join in our movement towards sustainable fashion without sacrificing style or functionality. 

85cm long

Made from a 50% wheat straw and 50% PS plastic composite.

Made in China.

How to Use Adorn's Biodegradable Hair Claw Clip: A Step-by-Step Guide

Hair claw clips are a versatile and stylish accessory that can help you create various hairstyles. Whether you're looking for a quick and effortless updo or a way to keep your hair out of your face, a hair claw clip can be your best friend. Here's a step-by-step guide on how to use a hair claw clip effectively:

Step 1 Create Your Hairstyle

Decide on the hairstyle you want to create. Claw clips can be used for various styles, including half-up, low bun, or messy bun looks.

Step 2: Section Your Hair (if necessary)

If you're creating a half-up hairstyle, use your fingers or a comb to section off the top portion of your hair that you want to clip up.

Step 3: Position the Clip

Hold the hair claw clip with the open side facing your head and the teeth facing outward.

Step 4: Gather Your Hair

Use your free hand to gather the hair you want to secure. For a half-up style, it's typically the top half of your hair. For a bun, gather all your hair at the back or to the side.

Step 5: Secure Your Hair

Position the open claw of the clip over the gathered hair and slowly release it to allow the claw to close and secure your hair in place.

Step 6: Adjust as Needed

Once the claw clip is in place, you can adjust it to ensure a comfortable and secure fit. Make sure it's holding your hair firmly but not too tight to avoid discomfort.

Step 7: Style and Finish

Style the loose hair as desired. You can leave it as is or create additional twists, braids, or curls, depending on your preferred look.

You're all set! Your hair claw clip has helped you achieve a stylish and secure hairstyle in no time. Now you can confidently go about your day with your hair looking fabulous.
Hair claw clips are fantastic accessories for quick and chic hairstyles. With a little practice, you'll become a pro at using them to create various looks for different occasions.