Loose Mineral Packaging

Loose Mineral Packaging

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Introducing our new packaging line—it's luxurious, eco-friendly, and comes in three handy sizes:

1 gm Jar: Perfect for eyeshadows and brow dust, it's great for short getaways.

3 gm Jar: A compact solution for mineral highlighter, setting powder, bronzer, and blush. Use it as a travel foundation holder for added convenience.

8 gm Jar: Crafted for all your complexion essentials, from foundation to setting powders, blush, and bronzer. Ideal for those who love blending multiple shades.

We're all about sustainability:

Recycled Lids: Our jar lids are made from 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials.

Sifter Styles: The 1 gm jar has a hard-style sifter for precise dispensing. The 3 gm and 8 gm jars feature a softer mesh-style sifter, ensuring an easy and controlled application.

Elevate your beauty routine with our luxurious and eco-friendly packaging designed to meet the diverse needs of your makeup essentials.

Our jar lids incorporate 30% Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials.

Refill your jars effortlessly with our user-friendly refill pouches. Explore our variety of options here.