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IN THE MEDIA: Australian Women Are In A Frenzy Over Sell-Out Foundation

First published in the Daily Mail, 17 January 2019 by Billie Schwab Dubb

'It has saved my appearance, it's amazing': Australian women are in a frenzy over sell-out foundation that is both 'sweat proof' and 'anti-ageing'

  • Finding a foundation that won't sweat off during the summer months is hard
  • Luckily there is one product on the market that stays put, even when sweating
  • The foundation from Adorn Cosmetics has been a sell out across the globe

Finding the perfect foundation isn't an easy task, especially during sweltering summer days.

But now Australian brand Adorn Cosmetics is selling a $59 foundation that has been a sell out across the globe thanks to its sweat resistant, anti-ageing formula.

In a video posted online the founder of the company, Briony Kennedy, revealed how their SPF 20+ Mineral Foundation can also completely cover redness.

She said the formula covers rosacea, pigmentation, psoriasis, blemishes, broken capillaries and veins without compromising the health of the skin. 

When applying the product Ms Kennedy applied a day primer to make the foundation go on smoothly and the antioxidant facial oil for added dewiness.

Next she used a kabuki brush to apply the product as it's less messy and it has more of a surface area.

She claims the natural foundation doesn't accentuate fine lines or wrinkles and looks like your own skin.

On top of this it also softens, soothes and hydrates, is long wearing, is made of pure minerals and is a breathable formula. 

'The teeniest tiniest amount is all you need, it's up to you how heavy you want to make the coverage,' she said.

'If you feel like it's creasing it means you've put too much on, less is more, don't go too heavy handed with the product.'

Luckily for those living in warmer climates the foundation is both sweat and water resistant.

On the website it also says it requires little to no touch-ups, giving a flawless finish that lasts all day long and it won't clog your pores.

'Suitable for all ages, and even the most sensitive of complexions, Adorn's mineral foundations help calm [the skin] and is gentle enough to wear after cosmetic and facial procedures,' it reads on the website.

'The purity of our premium grade, highly pigmented, 100 per cent pure minerals also means you will use much less product to achieve a perfect finish with Adorn.'

Happy customers have been flooding the Facebok page with five star reviews, with the brand having an overall rating of 4.8.

'I have rosacea, and I have never been able to find a foundation that doesn’t go blotchy on my chin. It covers it for a little while, and then after an hour it goes blotchy,' one beauty lover said.

'Adorn has saved my appearance. I received my sample pack of foundations two days ago, and for the last two days, my foundation has looked amazing. It hasn’t gone blotchy at all, and I live in Cairns.'