Custom Mascara

Introducing Your Match Mascara by Adorn – the ultimate solution for achieving flawless lashes tailored to your preferences. Formulated with natural and vegan ingredients, this mascara is gentle even on the most sensitive eyes. Say goodbye to smudging with our long-lasting formula. With Your Match Mascara, the power is in your hands – choose between defining and lengthening, curling and lifting, or opt for a precise application. Build your own mascara match and experience lashes that are uniquely yours, every time. 

More than Makeup

Formulated with natural ingredients like Jojoba oil and Castor seed oil to nourish and condition, our Mineral Eyelash Primer envelopes your lashes in a rich, moisturising embrace, and together with our smudge-free and waterproof mascara, they promise to transform your lash care and makeup routine.

Must-Haves in Any Makeup Kit

Easy minimal makeup is hard to achieve without quality products. That’s why our mascara is a staple in every Adorner’s beauty routine, along with our mineral brow powders and nourishing lip balms. Take the hassle out of your everyday look with these daily makeup essentials.  Shop now and let your natural beauty shine through.