Episode 009

An Imperfectly Perfect Community

Five and a half years ago, I created a Facebook page and uploaded a video of myself crying my eyes out. I was sleep-deprived, sick of taking care of my newborn baby, and felt like I had nothing to lose by sharing my unfiltered version of motherhood.

That one action resulted in the creation of a thriving Facebook community called ‘Imperfectly Perfect Mummas.’ It’s evolved to become a large and thriving group of women; a safe space where mothers can feel comfortable sharing their raw, imperfect days, their challenging experiences and their honest opinions on motherhood.

Starting that community has taught me many things about being a mum, vulnerability, and life in itself. But, most importantly, it’s shown me how much we need each other. The value of community and the solidarity it brings is the glue that holds us all together. This is especially apparent now, more than ever.

All of us know that we need a community to lean on during the good times and the bad. Yet we often feel too scared to put ourselves there and find our tribe. You may even feel a deep desire to impact others by starting a community of your own but are fearful of being judged.

In this episode, I open up about why I started ‘Imperfectly Perfect Mummas’ and give my advice on building a safe, inclusive community. I also share how we can embrace vulnerability and how we can work to overcome feelings of isolation.

The subject Isolation and Loneliness have never been more rampant than today, so I hope this episode encourages you to step out of your comfort zone and seek the community you need.


  • Why I started Imperfectly Perfect Mummas [01:11]
  • How I felt comfortable enough to be vulnerable [10:10]
  • How to push ourselves out of our comfort zone [14:18]
  • My 3 key pieces of advice when it comes to building a community [20:28]