Episode 013

How to Build a Personal Brand

A few years ago I uploaded a video of myself crying. I was an exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed new mum with nowhere to go and every feeling aching to leave me. I had no idea but one: surely someone, somewhere out there must feel like I do.

Sure enough, there was.

That one moment of vulnerability resulted in the creation of a thriving Facebook community called ‘Imperfectly Perfect Mummas.’ Before long, my followers became my cheerleaders as I ventured into my first business: Adorn Cosmetics. Nothing happened with ease, alone, or to plan. But it did happen with time, support and a willingness to remain myself throughout it all.

We spend so much of our time watching, reading and looking at the lives of successful people online. It’s easy to assume it’s easy. And it’s hard to believe it could be us but could, is a powerful world. You could own a business. You could try again. You could be of influence to others by being yourself rather than looking to be somebody else. You could because I could too and because I did, you can.

In this episode, I open up my journey to building a personal brand to help you define your own. I’ll discuss the peaks and troughs of finding purpose, battling naysayers and upholding a duty of care to those who follow you before we trek the ways we can all become women of influence.

I hope this episode encourages you to not only accept but champion your differences, take a chance and be the positive change you want to see in the world.


  • How I took my personal brand and seriously built my influence [3:22]
  • Building confidence to be your authentic, vulnerable self [10:25]
  • Finding your cause [15:48]
  • How to position yourself for the right opportunities and partnerships [20:50]